What is electroheight.com?

Electroheight.com is a website like a electrical shop that gives you everything on best price. Whether you need a products for a reselling or for any type of project, or whatever else you have in mind, it is not for domestic use, it all over like B2B, Business to Business

Why choose Electroheight.com?

Why waste your precious time with other companies products, when you can create an amazing order for your self in just minutes? Main thing is that its all according to your quantity.

Through many years of research, development, and testing, we have created this fantastic website. Not only is our website tool easy to use, it's reliable and innovative. Our in-house development team is constantly updating our tools to provide our users with the latest functions and applications.

Plus, our in-house support team is here to help!

Our history

Electroheight.com was started up in 2005 by a guy who have worked in the some electrical companies. He realized that there was one thing that plagued traditional trading: usability. Traditional tradingactivites were simply too complicated and too difficult for an average person to perform. He agreed that making activites should be fun, fast, and easy.

So, he started to develop their own website builder software with these goals in mind. After years of testing and development, he launched this version of Electroheight.com that you see today.

How can I contact you if I have a complaint and contact response times

You can contact us by submitting a mail at: admin@electrooheight.com We will respond to your service ticket within 48 hours. 0r call us the founder or Director of the company +919891828828 (Jitender Pal Manocha)

If we do not receive a response from you within 12 days, we will consider the issue to have been resolved. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can escalate it by providing additional details in your mail.